BREAKING: Trump Deploys Military After Catching Obama In MASSIVE Act Of Treason

Former President Barack Obama is under a lot of heat after new shocking information broke loose that indicates several acts of treason on his behalf.

As some of you already know, last week multiple reports emerged which claim that during his time in office and possibly after, Obama worked very closely with ISIS terrorists, helping them secure massive weaponry and arsenal to their terrorist group.

Just days after that alarming piece of information started circulating the internet, new reports were published that revealed how the Obama administration purposely ignored Hezbollah’s drug-trafficking and money-laundering operations, in order to finalize his infamous Iranian nuclear deal.

After that, a new scandal blew up which exposed Obama for allegedly having ties with a Taliban crime ring. This latest report however, caught the full attention of President Trump himself.

Despite emptying out GITMO and putting Iran on a path to nuclear arms, it has come to our attention that Barack Obama worked together with the Taliban in Afghanistan to ensure the terror group’s top place in the heroin production.

Thanks to Obama’s actions, their enterprise is now generating billions of dollars which in my opinion is more than enough for the terrorist group to move forward with their operations against the West.

According to the Conservative Daily Post, over the past decade the Taliban in Afghanistan has been funding their operations from opium farms and their heroin production activities.

This was all thanks to Barack Obama who refused to take down their illicit operations. The Obama administration allowed the Taliban to become possibly the world’s top heroin producer, generating billions and billions of dollars for the terrorist outfit.

Now, President Trump has declared an all-out war against this massive Obama-supported drug enterprise by targeting their revenue stream and their opium refining laboratories.

Trump’s military General noted that “the gloves are off” as Obama’s obvious partnership with these Taliban criminals is being exposed to the public.

As Breitbart reported, United States troops and their Afghan allies have been focusing on the Taliban jihadists’ opium business in their Helmand stronghold ever since November 20.

The United States’ coalition with NATO in Afghanistan has so far managed pulverize 25 Taliban labs used to create opium and heroin, slashing approximately 80 million dollars in illegal drug proceeds from these narco-jihadists. All of this was successfully accomplished in just three weeks of an unprecedented counternarcotics air campaign.

That is pretty impressive, don’t you think so?

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Featured Image Source. H/T FD News.

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