BREAKING: Obama Going Down TODAY – Trump Has Had ENOUGH

Since the moment President Trump stepped into office, he has actively been fighting against the toxic liberal flock who constantly try to think of new ways to take him down.

Over these past couple of months, the Trump administration has faced quite a few unauthorized leaks by White House spies implemented by no other than Barack Obama.

In a desperate attempt to regain his power and authority, Barack Obama has engaged in several activities against our president, including a highly illegal coup d’état.

As a part of his master plan, Obama also met up with several foreign leaders who he told that America is suffering from a lack of leadership. We also learned that the FBI has been working as Obama’s secret police, doing the bidding of several slimy politicians.

All of that however, is about to stop. According to Gateway Pundit, a recent report revealed that lawmakers have been secretly building a massive criminal case against crooked Justice Department officials, as well as FBI officials, for mishandling the Trump-Russia dossier.

As Politico reported, a group of House Republicans, reportedly led by Chairman Devin Nunes of California, has secretly been gathering for weeks now in the Capitol, in an attempt to build a case which would prove that Justice Department and FBI senior leaders improperly mishandled the contents of the infamous Trump dossier that describes alleged connections between our commander-in-chief and Russia.

So far, the Republicans have refused to talk about their gatherings.
“I don’t talk about what we do behind closed doors,” Rep. Mike Conaway told Politico, when asked about their discussions.

“I’m not going to talk about that,” added Peter King, a New York Representative.

The Gateway Pundit also informed us that the House investigators appear to be building this criminal case while at the same time, requesting of Attorney General Jeff Sessions to appoint a second special counsel to further investigate the FBI and Justice Department’s involvements with the dossier.

According to the Washington Post, former FBI Director James Comey agreed to pay a British Spy to create the Trump dossier after last fall’s elections and to continue digging up dirt on President Trump and Russia. Immediately after the dossier’s author, Christopher Steele, was publicly identified, Comey’s FBI pulled out of the arrangement.

President Trump is obviously being targeted. What’s even more disturbing about it is that a lot of people seem to believe these liberal nutcases. I however believe that sooner or later the truth will come out, and Obama and his group of brainwashed followers will pay the consequences of their actions.

What do you think?

Featured Image Source. H/T Freedom Daily.

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