For those of you who don’t know, recently Saudi Prince al-Waleed bin Talal was arrested during a nationwide anti-corruption purge which was reportedly initiated after President Trump visited Saudi Arabia.

And yes, this is the same prince who donated 10 million of dollars to Hillary Clinton’s foundation and to top it all off, has invested 32 billion dollars in order to advance the Islam religion in the United States.

Now, authorities in Saudi Arabia have demanded at least 6 billion dollars from the prince in order to release him from prison. This sum is actually the highest bail price demanded by authorities in the Gulf state.

According to Extra News Feed, the arrest of the billionaire was carried out by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s recently-formed anti-corruption committee, on Saturday. Apart from bin Talal, ten senior princes and dozens of ministers, were also arrested for similar charges. Money laundering and corruption.

Bin Talal’s arrest was part of a long-overdue “swamp drain” of corrupted Saudi elites reportedly involved in various money laundering activities. In the mean time, Royal princes’ private planes have all been grounded.

Bin Talal, also known as “The Warren Buffet of the Gulf,” is currently one of the richest men alive with deep connections to both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. He is also the primary shareholder of Citigroup, News Corp., and Twitter.

As our sources further report, there might be indictments of Tony Podesta, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton, and others, charges against the Saudi prince and other royalty members who possibly might be related to money laundering and bribery schemes which implicate the Uranium One parties. And we all know who authorized the Uranium One transactions.

Considering the high profile nature of these arrests, Trump’s administration has automatically been placed under pressure to follow through with the indictments and arrests against both Hillary Clinton and Former President Obama.

I for one am glad someone finally put these money-laundering thieves where they belong. In prison!

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Featured Image Source. H/T Freedom Daily.

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