BOYCOTT: MASSIVE Restaurant Chain Says Trump is “Disgusting President.”

McDonald’s officially entered my “places I will never visit again” list.

Not that their food was any special to begin with, but at least they had some dignity before. Now they have nothing.

On Thursday morning, McDonald’s posted a very insulting tweet regarding President Donald Trump.

In their tweet, they referred to our commander-in-chief as a “disgusting excuse of a president,” and they even said they would rather have Barack Obama.

Shortly after their statement, the tweet was deleted. However, thanks to several Twitter users it has been archived back online for posterity.

According to CNBC, McDonald’s tried to defend their move by claiming that their Twitter had been hacked before the tweet was posted, and that it was the “hackers” who probably posted it.

Now, there might be a chance that one of the staff members used the massive restaurant chain’s name and popularity to push his or hers own liberal agenda. In that case, McDonald’s is not much to blame here.

However, if the restaurant’s corporation posted this tweet together, then they deserve to be punished.

Thanks to their disgusting post McDonald’s will definitely lose a lot of costumers. I highly doubt I will ever see a patriot near their restaurants.

Here is what bugs me the most, President Trump has always been a fan of McDonald’s. In fact, he appeared in one of their commercials. He has never spoken nor written one bad word about their food.

They had no reason to attack him like that. But then again, none of these brainwashed liberals have a good reason for attacking him on a daily basis. They just do it.

No matter how much accomplishments President Trump achieves, liberals will always find a way to turn that against him. I guess that’s how narrow-minded they are.

What do you think? Does McDonald’s deserve to be boycotted? Share your opinions in the comment section below!

H/T Angry Patriot Movement.

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