Biden Literally Forgets What Century He is in During His Coronavirus Briefing! Jumbles Name of Massachusetts Governor, (VIDEO)

OPINION| Just when you thought the coverage of the Coronavirus pandemic could not get any more bizarre … enter Joe Biden.

Over the last few weeks we have been watching as the entire world shut down, nation by nation, city by city.

President Trump acted first and fast back in January to close our border to foreign nationals who had recently traveled to China.

The Democrats and their button men in the media called him racist and xenophobic for doing so.

Next those same people said that Trump was sitting on his hands and not doing enough to fix the situation.

Long story short, nothing Trump does will ever be ok with the powers that are trying to bankrupt our nation.

The newly anointed ‘leader’ (more like a figurehead if you ask me) is Joe ‘where the hell am I?’ Biden.

After recently having disappeared for a few days, Joe came back into the lime light, and held his first Coronavirus briefing from his house in Wilmington Deleware.

Just like most things featuring Mr. Biden, it was a complete and utter s*** show.

The Gateway Pundit explained:

’77-year-old Biden stumbled and lost his train of thought after it looked like his teleprompter went down.

Biden had to signal to staff that he needed help.

Then he butchered Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker’s name.

Biden referred to the MA governor as Charlie Parker.’


Biden also forgot what century he is in!


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