Cops IMMEDIATELY Made ANTIFA Regret Coming After They Showed Up In Texas Today

Another violent ANTIFA protest erupted in Austin, Texas on Saturday.

That’s right. This Saturday, Multiple ANTIFA hooligans showed up in order to protest a “Dixie Freedom Rally.”

This time however, the police department did not put up with their violent ways.

Thanks to the violence displayed by these ANTIFA terrorists, the Texas Confederate Militia has decided to postpone the rally for another date in the future.

This unfortunately, did not stop the protesters from going absolutely berserk.

It’s sickening!

They are pretty pathetic if you ask me. If it weren’t for those masks covering their faces and protecting their identities, not one of these brainwashed lunatics would even think of assaulting a police officer.

It is up to us to show some support for the Texas police department. If it wasn’t for them, these terrorists would have caused an even bigger chaos. Stay strong Texas!

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Featured Image Source. H/T Liberty Writers.



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