ANTIFA Leader: “November 4th […] millions of antifa supersoldiers will behead all white parents”

Today, the well-known terrorist and self-described anti-fascist group Antifa issued a threat to all “white parents” and “small business owners” in the U.S. via Twitter.

Tom Bloke, who is considered to be one of the leaders of this so-called “movement,” posted a tweet saying that Antifa will engage in numerous violent activities against all white parents as well as the small business owners, as a part of spreading their  anti-white racism agenda.

They also added:

we, ANTIFA, ARE going to Exploge the white USArace with acme tnt crates UNTIL they are cobered with soot and waving a white rag on a stick
— spoilt teat (@offalnaut) October 30, 2017

Far-left radicals on the other hand claim that all of this is just a joke, which I doubt considering Antifa’s history of violence.
Several leftist radicals have posted multiple blogs on Twitter, saying that the before mentioned tweet should be taken as a “joke,” because that’s exactly what it is.

As MIC informed us, the username Tom Bloke is not just a pretend leader to these far-leftists, he is also known for using “humor” as a way to push certain ideologies. What surprises me the most is that this account actually has followers who choose to re-tweet his idiotic posts. Managing editor of Occupy Democrats Colin Taylor and Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca are two of his many other followers.

Considering the fact that Antifa is marked as a terrorist organization by the Federal Bureau of Investigation itself and the fact that far-let Bloke has a huge audience which includes numerous Antifa members, I’d say that this tweet should definitely not be taken as a joke.

As you all know, “Antifa” or “anti-fascists” is known for using street violence with makeshift weaponry in order to promote their terroristic ideology or as they like to call it fighting for “social justice” and spreading “peace and love.” Promoting peace and love, by using violence?

Something doesn’t sound right. If you ask me, they have always been a bunch of hardline socialists, anti-capitalistic anarchists and communists who are simply attracted to violence. They are attracted to terror.

Antifa members, who are mostly pale-skinned skinny men and severely unattractive women, use masks in order to protect their identity. Tell me this, if what you’re fighting for is so righteous and should be respected, then why do you wear masks to cover your faces?

I’ll tell you why. Because you know every single one of your actions is illegal. You know that if just one sane person recognizes you on the street, he will either lock you himself or just let the police department do it. You are not welcomed in this society, you never were.



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