After New Evidence Emerges In Hunter Biden Case – Senate Moves To Subpoena Democrat Consulting Firm

What’s Happening:

After being the dark for what appears months, the Senate investigation into Hunter Biden’s Ukraine connection has stepped up. It has been revealed that Burisma was working with a Democratic consulting firm in 2016.

So, Sen. Ron Johnson is moving to subpoena them:

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on Wednesday scheduled a vote for next week to issue a subpoena to a Democratic consulting firm that has emerged as a key figure in the probe of Hunter Biden’s business activities in Ukraine…

Johnson said the subpoena would be issued to Blue Star Strategies, a Democratic consulting firm that worked for Burisma during the 2016 election cycle as the gas firm was trying to settle long-running Ukrainian criminal investigations against it.

Why It’s Important:

Blue Star Strategies, a Democratic firm, worked with Burisma during the 2016 Election. At the same time, this company was trying to settle criminal investigations against it.

In addition to this, U.S. Ambassador Yovanovitch met with Blue Star to discuss Burisma’s fate. This was a meeting she failed to mention during her impeachment testimony last fall.

These new developments appear to raise more questions about Burisma’s influence over the Democratic party. Speculation lingers over Joe Biden’s relationship with the company, who employed his son.

With this new information, it could lead some to believe the scandal-ridden company continues to influence the Democrats going into November’s election.

Key Takeaways:

  • Senators are subpoenaing a Democratic firm with ties to Burisma
  • Blue Star Strategies contacted Amb. Yovanovitch, a detail she omitted in her impeachment testimony
  • The Senate investigation might have implications on the Democrats, going into the 2020 Election

Source: Just The News

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