After Impeachment Hopes Tank For Democrats – They Unveil Plan B, Calling For Trump To Be Censured

At this point, it doesn’t appear as if the former President will be impeached. Democrats had hoped their case would pass through the Senate, as it passed through the House earlier this month.

But despite the fact that Senate trial is still scheduled to occur, the numbers don’t seem to favor impeachment. In fact, it looks like Democrats are well short of the mark.

Recently, only 5 Republicans objected to Sen. Rand Paul’s push to declare the trial unconstitutional.

This means that most likely, Democrats will come up well short of the 67 votes they need to convict Trump. It’s a disappointment to the left, as Democrats hoped more Republicans would vote to impeach.

Now, however, they might have to switch gears.

That’s why two Senators are tackling another option — instead of impeachment, they’re pursuing another form of punishment for the former POTUS.

Via Fox News:

And that’s spurring two moderate senators – Democrat Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia and Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, who was one of the five GOP lawmakers to say the trial’s constitutional – to pitch to their colleagues in the chamber an option to censure Trump.

Collins said on Tuesday evening that it’s “pretty obvious” Trump won’t be convicted in the Senate trial.

Kaine added on Wednesday that there might be an alternative to holding the trial, and it would allow the Senate to spend more of its time confirming Joe Biden’s cabinet picks.

The Virginia Senator said that given the ongoing pandemic, the Senate should be focusing on providing aid and assistance to the country. Rather than holding what might be a futile trial.

That’s why Collins and Kaine are pushing their colleagues to go for a censure.

This move would be easier to get through — it only requires the support of 60 Senators to reach a final floor vote, so only 10 Republicans would need to join the Democrats who want Trump to pay a price.

Of course, even getting 10 Republicans to switch sides on this issue could prove challenging.

But in the eyes of some Democrats and liberal citizens, a censure would be better than nothing. They still claim the former President helped incite the Washington D.C. mob on Jan. 6.

And with impeachment hopes fading fast, perhaps this is their only realistic option.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s starting to become clear: the numbers don’t seem to favor impeachment right now.
  • A couple Senators realize this, and are pushing for a censure instead.
  • Censuring Trump would be a little easier, as only 60 Senators need to support it. And this means only 10 Republicans would have to turn against the former POTUS.

Source: Fox News

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