After Biden Cancels Trump’s Plan Hailed By Doctors – Joe Gets Knocked Over By Serious Blowback

What’s Happening:

Like a child throwing a temper tantrum, Joe Biden is tearing up everything Trump did.

I guess he thinks every move by the last administration was a bad one, right? It all just partisan, conservative politics, right? Wrong.

He’s already nixed the Keystone XL Pipeline, costing thousands of jobs (and billions of dollars). He promised to kill Trump’s tax cuts, which will result in lost wages and more jobs.

And now, he slashed a plan from Trump that even doctors praised.

From Daily Wire:

President Joe Biden last week killed a plan from the Trump administration to allow more physicians to prescribe an opioid-treatment drug.

The move from the Trump administration was widely praised by both physicians and lawmakers, and came on the heels of another spike in opioid-related deaths during the pandemic…

The Post underscored that Trump’s plan “was widely hailed by physicians,” noting that the head of the American College for Emergency Physicians Mark Rosenberg deemed the accomplishment “a great day for our patients.’”

Biden killed a plan that made it easier for doctors to treat patients suffering from opioid dependency.

Before that, doctors were burdened by a 20-year-old rule that slowed their ability to help people. Now, they will have a harder time treating those suffering from addiction, thanks to Biden.

Trump made opioid addiction a top priority during his administration. He called the widespread addiction to opioids in America an “epidemic” and led the way to finding solutions.

He was successful in lowering opioid deaths. But numbers began to rise during the government-mandated lockdowns, so more needed to be done.

Now it seems all that progress will be undone by Biden, who appears to be taking a hatchet to any good idea from the last administration.

Even doctors praised the progress Trump made, saying it was a “great day” for patients.

But that day is over. Biden appears to be more concerned with restoring the regulation-loving swamp, than putting patients first.

He seems to be bowing to the globalists, special interests, environmentalists, and the D.C. swamp. I wonder if he will ever bother serving to the American people, the ones he swore to unify?

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden killed a policy from Trump that helped treat opioid addicts.
  • The policy made it easier for doctors to treat people suffering from addiction.
  • Biden’s move will ensure more Americans will die from opioid overdoses.

Source: Daily Wire

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