After 10 RINO Senators Go Begging To Joe Biden – The White House Sends Them Away Empty-handed

What’s Happening:

So-called Republicans in Name Only are learning the hard way that Sleepy Joe isn’t interested in unity like they hoped.

These “conservatives” abandoned Trump when they needed him the most. Perhaps they thought a swamp dweller in the White House was a better idea?

After Biden released his insane $1.9 spending plan, they came crawling, asking to negotiate with him.

Well, much to everyone’s surprise, Joe Biden welcomed these Republicans to the White House. But it appears it was just an empty gesture—much like everything else Joe does.

From IJR:

After meeting with Republican senators at the White House on Monday, President Joe Biden appeared poised to push forward with his $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan even if it fails to draw Republican support.

While the White House termed Biden’s discussion with 10 Republicans who pitched a downsized relief effort as “productive,” the Democratic president told the senators their plan did not go far enough.

Joe Biden met with ten Republican senators as they pitched to him a scaled-down COVID package. It appears Joe rejected their offer, saying it did not “go far enough.”

Not sure what these Republicans were expecting. To still think Joe Biden is a moderate is like saying Nancy Pelosi is still a brunette.

The man bamboozled the party to get the nomination and quickly turned into Bernie Sanders, just even more old and crazy.

Biden appears to be under the control of the radical left, just as Trump and Pence warned us. His radical spending plan will put a massive tax burden on the country (and do little to help with the pandemic, according to some).

With a majority in the House and a sort-of majority in the Senate, Biden doesn’t really have to work with Republicans at all.

Sure, he might scare off a few “moderate” Democrats like Manchin and Sinema. But I have a feeling when it comes time to vote, these senators will fall in line.

Republicans need to unite to oppose Biden’s radical plans. If these ten senators haven’t learned that by now, they need to wake up.

Biden is just a puppet of the global elite, who will occasionally throw a bone to progressive radicals. He seems to be more interested in keeping foreign nations happy (like China) than regular Americans.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden rejected the plan offered by ten Republican senators.
  • These ten appeared to think Biden would be willing to negotiate.
  • Biden continues to push a radical plan embraced by the far left.

Source: IJR

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