After 10 Republicans Dared to Impeach Trump – 7 Of Them Now Have Election Challengers For 2022

What’s Happening:

Americans of all stripes were shocked to see Democrats impeach Trump again. This time, they didn’t even bother to provide evidence or hold investigations.

What was even more shocking was that ten Republicans in the House voted along with the left.

The backlash against these lawmakers was fast and fierce. Many of them were censured or rebuked by their state party leaders.

Some face serious consequences, perhaps removal from key committees.

But worst of all, seven of them already face challenges to their seats. From Newsweek:

Some of the Republicans who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump in January are already having their seats challenged and their ability to hold onto their place in Congress may be dependent on the moves the former president makes in the next 18 months…

They’ve been publicly scolded, pushed to resign and warned that local organizations will mount a strong push to oust them from office in the primary.

It seems that these ten Republicans quickly accepted the left-wing narrative that the events of January 6 were Trump’s fault.

They didn’t bother to listen to what Trump said. Nor did they demand any evidence to prove the left’s accusations.

It seemed they were just jumping on that bandwagon to save their own skins, assuming the country would finally turn on Trump.

That was not the case. While Democrats might continue to blame Trump, the 75,000,000 Americans who voted for him have not.

In fact, most of the Republican Party nationwide were shocked to see any of their members turn on the president. To vote against him in a questionable impeachment move made them very angry.

State-level movements are growing to oust the people of voted against Trump. Seven of the ten so far are facing primary rivals—and the election is still two years away.

Liz Cheney, who has become the face of this group, is facing intense opposition in her home state. Republican Matt Gaetz traveled all the way from Florida to Wyoming, just to oppose her.

It won’t come as a surprise to find all ten facing tough primary challenges in the coming years. Unless they can find a way to win back voters, they won’t be returning to Congress after 2022.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ten Republicans voted to impeach Trump in the House of Representatives
  • Seven of those ten now face primary challengers for the 2022 election.
  • State Republicans are outraged that their representatives would turn on the president.

Source: Newsweek

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