Actor Jim Carrey Takes Aim At Trump And His Supporters In An Op-Ed For ‘The Atlantic’ – ‘Donald Trump Encourages Violence And Racism’

American-Canadian actor Jim Carrey is targeting President Donald Trump once again, expressing that far too many Americans stand behind Trump “because he appeals to their basest and most primitive urges.”

“Where did the modern Republican Party’s cruelty come from?” Jim Carrey wonders in an article for the far-left ‘The Atlantic’ magazine.

“Too many Americans support Trump because he appeals to their basest and most primitive urges, through his racism, his misogyny, his mockery of the disabled, and his encouragement of violence during his campaign,” the actor stated. “He encouraged violence and racism through his presidency, along with his supporters who are supporting him no matter what.”

“If you consider yourself a patriot, know full well that the direction the Republican Party has taken threatens to obliterate America’s once hopeful experiment in liberty,” he continued.

Jim Carrey additionally criticized the president’s speech during the Republican National Convention. He compared it to Michael Corleone declaring his belief in God during the climactic baptism scene in “The Godfather.”

“Watching Trump accept the nomination of the Republican Party in the people’s house during a pandemic he exacerbated was like watching Michael Corleone swear a sacred oath while his underlings settled scores across the city.”

Carrey continued to criticize President Trump and made another movie note in his op-ed for “The Atlantic.

“I was amused to see Trump play the self-made billionaire in Home Alone 2, but the presidency is not performance art. People’s lives depend on him. Our future is at stake.”

“In November, we must vote in historic numbers, gathering all the ‘snowflakes’ until there’s a blizzard on Capitol Hill that no corrupt politician can survive,” the Hollywood star continued.

“We must vote for decency, humanity, and a way of life that once again captures the imagination of kids all over the world—kids like me,” he added.

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